Healing Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma is a result of experiencing an extraordinarily stressful event that can damage your sense of safety and make you see the world as a fearful place. Emotionally traumatic events can be one-time events, such as an accident or a death, or ongoing events, … read more.

Let There Be Light!

Join us for a unique winter solstice celebration led by Sally Terrell. While the winter solstice is the shortest day (and longest night) of the year, it also marks the return of the sun in the northern hemisphere. “Solstice” in Latin means “the sun standing … read more.

Christmas Eve Service

Join us for a traditional Christmas Eve service complete with holiday songs, sharing of Christmas memories, and treats.

What’s In Your Backpack?

Each year thousands of people begin with the goal of finishing a long-distance hiking trail. They start out with backpacks full of gear intended to make the hardships of a trip more bearable. But the secret is this: The less gear you carry, the happier … read more.

Mind The Gap

Any visitor to London will instantly recognize this as the safety message regularly heard at tube stops as well as the iconic image that goes along with it. In addition to being valuable safety advice, the phrase also suggests rich meanings about space, time and … read more.

MyTeam Triumph

A race itself is powerful, but what lasts is a greater sense of self confidence, new friendships and a community who will think differently about people with disabilities.

MyTeam Triumph is a community of running captains and “Angels” who embraces, celebrates and empowers those with diverse … read more.

Topic TBD

Fr. James Neilson returns to the pulpit to share his enthusiastic approach to life and art. Fr. Jim is a Norbertine priest as well as an Assistant Professor of Art at St. Norbert College. He is also an accomplished artist whose work has been exhibited … read more.