Aikido, The Peaceful Martial Art

“The Way of Harmony of the Spirit” is one way that “Aikido” may be translated into English. Although the idea of a martial discipline striving for peace and harmony may seem paradoxical, it is the most basic tenet of the art. Join us as Susan … read more.

Physical Health for Greater Spiritual Connection

In today’s society we must work hard to eliminate toxins from our lives. These toxins come in all forms and affect us on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Join us as we explore how our physical temple and it’s toxicity level can hinder us … read more.

Where Christianity Went Wrong

The definition of mistake is: An action or judgement that is misguided or wrong.

Many people who are not Christian may see many things in Christianity that are questionable. Sally’s premise is Christianity took a major wrong turn in the main focus of their theology. There … read more.